"My Mother And Me" Picture Frames

"My Mother And Me" Picture Frames

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8 1/2" L. x 7 3/4" High; Holds a 4 x 6 photo.  Comes with a beautiful poem about growing up with your mother: "My Mother and Me...When I was a child, you were my entire world...From diapers to discipline...from candy to kisses...You took care of my every need.  As a teenager, I wanted you to to walk away from your role as ever-present guardian. Searching for my own identity and flapping my winds in an attempt to fly, I thought I was on my own.  You simply stepped back far enough to give me space, yet stayed close enough to make sure I didn't fall out of the nest.  Despite frequent set backs and awkward attempts to prove myself, You were always there to cheer me on...You guided from the sidelines and taught by example.  Surely no Mother has ever loved her child as much as you love me...You gave me life...and then dedicated your life to me.  Now, after so many years, I appreciate you more than ever.  In the end, know this...No child has ever loved her Mother as much as I love You."                           
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