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        Please Note: Personalized and Designed products require 1-2 weeks to complete before shipping, longer if the product ordered involves many personalized items , such as "Baby's First Needs" pkge.    

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NOTE:  Our "DESIGNS" will pop up for every product that can be designed. These are basic designs, which we have improved upon over time.  We recommend that you browse categories to see our current designs on 'Buckets', 'Stepstools', and other products.  

EXAMPLE: You want to order a Bulletin Board, and you would like the same design that is on Bucket #BS-40 to go on the Bulletin Board.  You can then reference THAT Item # for your design choice and enter this info into the box provided.  


Buckets "Trick Or Treat 2"
Dress-Up Mask /Doggy
Dress-Up Mask /Giraffe
Dress-Up Mask /Lion
Friendly Witch Doll /Witches
Gothic Bowls w/Spreader Knife
Gothic Goblets Ceramic
Happy Halloween Leg Warmers
Happy Hanging Skeletons
Tea-Light Holders /Witch Shoes
Witch Hats With Bat
Witch Hats withGhost
Witch Hats withBlack Cat
Witch Masks

Witch Masks


Dress-Up Mask /Bear
Dress-Up Mask /Gray Mouse
Dress-Up Mask /Bunny
Dress-Up Mask /Leopard
Dress-Up Mask /Tiger
Dress-Up Mask /Piggy